"I love to see the before/after transformation of the toes, no matter how good or bad a shape the feet are in when they come to me. The final transformation is so exciting to me each and every time!"
- Deb Lovejoy

Deb began her training in the Healing Arts in 1989. Her foundation from childhood has always been an unwavering trust/believe in God, as well as knowing that all things happen in Divine Order and with Purpose. In 1993 her career really began after she was attuned to Reiki, which is unconditional love/healing energy. In 1995 she became a Reiki Teaching Master. From that point in time her Intuitive-Healing-Empowering abilities rippled into all she touched/worked with. In 1997 her life altered personally when she got a divorce. She grew through this challenging time, personally as well as professionally . The transformation was reflected in her work. During this time she created the Holistic Pedicure concept, trained in Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, along with Cranio Sacral. Deb's Intuitive Skills were refined, heightened, and enhanced with the complimenting of these skills and life lessons. In June of 2005, she was certified as a Master Pedicurist, as well as a Karuna Reiki Master. She is always working on her evolution that will enhance herself as well as her services. In 2007 Deb added to her modalities IET, Integrative Energy Therapy, advanced practioner, 2010 master toe reader, & 2011 Spiritual Response Therapy advance practitioner.  So the weaving continues.

In 2001 Deb moved to Sedona, AZ. It was at this point in time her true work accelerated and magnified, which is befitting as this is the epitome of Sedona's energy. After living in Sedona for a year she purchased a home and moved her business there. Lovejoy's Enchanted Cottage was created. In the spring of 2005, Deb went to the Big Island of Hawaii for a sabbatical. From there she moved to re-establish her work in Ashland, Oregon. The learning she acquired in Hawaii from the Goddess Pele is enriching her already unique modalities of work, assisting all who are led to experience her gifts/talents. Deb believes in healing and empowering all to be the best being they can be in wholeness and love. She is now back in Sedona again, her Home. She appreciates her learning during her "walkabout" and in much gratitude for her life, enjoying living it to its fullest because of this wonderful experience.

Today Deb's work continues to grow. She sees people from all over the world, enhancing and empowering their life through her work as she too is enhanced and empowered through them! Deb's mantra, "Thank you God for these Gifts and Blessings. I ASK that I'm able to continue sharing the work I love and meeting the magnificent people I see every day. " So the Circle continues, "As Above, So Below"

So Be it, So it is.