The Sedona Pedicure begins by relaxing and soaking your feet in a heated whirlpool tub . A private 1 on 1 setting complements hydrating massage, healing touch, hot scented towels, and om balancing tuning forks. Exfoliation, nail cleansing and shaping, polishing and buffing complete this pampering experience. Natural/organic products are used, as well as formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free polish**, making this one of the best pedicures you'll ever receive!

The Holistic Pedicure is the most unique & complete bodywork you'll ever experience, its a Pedicure and Beyond! The Holistic Pedicure begins where the Sedona pedicure ends. You'll start your session by choosing a crystal & aroma therapy oil for their healing properties. The crystal & essential oil are added into the water, consequently their healing properties are dispersed to you as you soak. You'll also pick a stone tincture, cards for a mini psychic reading, set an intention personalized for your session, chakras are balanced, destressing reflexology, and completing the pedicure 2 different tuning forks will be used. The Om tuning fork for balance & DNA heightening tuning fork for letting go of old patterns/beliefs. This is a one of a kind pedicure & has to be experienced to be believed!

** Lovejoy's Enchanted Cottage uses Zoya nail polish, recently singled out as one of two brands that came out 'clean' in a study by the Department of Toxic Substance Control. Read more about the study Medical Daily HERE.